Me, the World, and Everything Else

The world or at least this country is fubarred. 

Right-winged super legislators have taken over the

Supreme Court. They have officially turned women into

2nd class nothings who can’t handle decisions about their

own bodies. We are quickly becoming a male-dominated,

theocratic autocracy. What else? The EPA has no right to

do its job regulating the bad stuff that is destroying our


Then we have the DINOS in the Senate. Senator Manchin

and Senator Sinema keep the Democrats from doing things

that would move the country forward. Getting rid of the

filibuster is perhaps a bit dangerous, but necessary to pass

legislation protecting voting rights. How about codifying

Roe vs Wade or doing something about climate change?

Personally, I would like fewer subsidies going to big oil. I

don’t know how much they get, but I bet it would go a long

way towards funding Solar or Wind energy programs. How

about doing something regarding privacy laws in addition

to R v W so that LGBTQ+ rights are protected. Another oldie

but a goodie we could do something more

about–commonsense gun laws. And no, I DON’T want to

take away your effing guns. I just want the mass shooters

to have a harder time getting them. And if you want to be

an originalist the constitution was written at a time when

guns referred to a ball and musket. Not an AR-15

assault-style weapon. You don’t go hunting with an

AR-15; you use a long gun, a rifle, or a bow and arrow. The

assault-style weapon is made for one thing only, killing

human beings. An AR-15 would render any target prey

unusable. What is the point? The point is sane rational

people do not need AR-style weapons. And please don’t get

me started on hunting for sport. How about raising the

federal minimum wage? People need to be able to not

worry about not having enough money to feed the kids or

buy diapers.

Something needs to get done about supply chain issues and

the price gouging that goes along with them. How about

inflation? Damn it! Do the fucking job you’re paid to

fucking do. The rightwing theocratic fascists are not your

only constituents, and neither are your high-priced donors.

It’s hard to deal with my health, both mental and physical.

Plus the insanity of this country, and the world at large.

He that shall not be named has turned this country into a

shit show of constant disgusting discourse. I can feel the

hate every time I go outside. I feel it every time I go on any

Social Media site. It makes my anxiety worse. It makes my

depression worse, And when there is violence like Buffalo

and Uvaldi, the war in Ukraine, I start falling down the rabbit hole of my childhood which is filled with anger and ugliness and abuse, and that triggers my PTSD. No, you don’t need to have been in the military to have PTSD.  This all means life becomes more challenging than it has to be. I still need to be able to function

I want to be able to function better. I need to get downstairs

and clean. I need to work on training my puppy. I need to

work on my office. I need to be here, working on my

writing. I need to be walking and exercising. But my brain

revolts, and I have a difficult time sleeping, waking, and

functioning. I feel awful.

I’m done in. How do I dig out from under the weight I put

upon myself? I want to save the world. I want to save every

cat and dog out there. But what I need to do is take care of

my husband Bruce. I need to take care of our house and our

animals. I need to take care of myself. That’s the bottom

line I guess. What are the priorities? They have to be right

here at home.

Until next time

Eyes Forward


Published by AlexxOphelia

Married spoonie Chronic pain 2 cats 1 puppy love crafting Pagan cancer survivor Liberal independent thinker writer-artist don't like it? Please go away. No patience for haters or bigots. Love my kids and grandkids. Prochoice. BLM. LGBTQ+ Ally

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