When I left you, I waiting on information from Mayo for my next steps. I kept busy while waiting. I had an eye appointment for new glasses. (I know, boring.) But I learned that cancer treatments can affect the eyes. I also ordered new glasses. The frames are awesome, octagonal in shape. I can’t wait to get them. We then had lunch at the mall. Then off to find prices for my hair. We went into Ulta and I found out the cost. I haven’t done it yet, but plan to when I get paid.

Sunday, I spent over two hours on the phone with my dear friend Susan from South Carolina. Yesterday I got scheduled for the PET scan, ENT and oncologist. The 26th and 27th for the appointments. On the 22nd Bruce (the love of my life and typist) has his surgery for prostate cancer.

My daughter Rachael sent me another box of goodies to cheer me up. Several pendants, many native southwest, Dr. Who book and DVD, and lots of Vera Bradley bags. Talking to Rachael always cheers me up.

Waiting is hard. But keeping my eyes forward to health and life is important. And to quote a bumper sticker Rachael sent, “CANCER FEARS ME!”

More soon, Me

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2 thoughts on “THIS WEEK IN ALEXX

  1. Rachael has it right. Cancer should be scared of you. Keep your chin and fighting spirit up. You and Bruce have faced much already and you’ll face this down and win too. So mote it be. Love you! Hugs!

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