Get Your Mammogram NOW!

Having a Breast Cancer scare is no fun, I need a breast biopsy on Monday the 8th of May. Seven days from now. It’s an experimental research biopsy done by Molecular Breast Imaging. I’m nervous about it. I wish I could have had it earlier instead of waiting until the 8th. Waiting adds to the stress of the whole process. I get paid to do this, and none gets billed to my insurance. But even now I shake a little bit with the waiting. My stomach is in knots. I know I have friends to talk to. Friends that are supportive of me and what I am dealing with. I am scared.

I had the biopsy on Monday.  Fun times were NOT had by all. I passed out twice. The results were in on Tuesday. The nodule they found was just fibrous tissue. Benign is my favorite word. Now I heal.  The biopsy wasn’t particularly painful until they wore off. Ice was my best friend on Monday. I can take the steri-strips off tomorrow.  The wound is small but bled a bit. Now it’s just a matter of healing up.

Having a scare like this made me very anxious, which is probably why I passed out twice. The second time was not as out because I felt it sooner. It was scary nonetheless. 

It’s okay to celebrate the end of this challenge. I am having a pumpkin spice cappuccino, and we had sushi for dinner last night.  I will take the victories as they come. Every little bit helps.

Until next time

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One thought on “Get Your Mammogram NOW!

  1. I celebrate this with you. It is so important to get our mammograms and also our paps. Did you know they quit doing paps when you turn 64? My 80 year old gran died from cervical cancer. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have it all that time in between. We must learn to make our health a priority. So glad your scare was just that and happy that’s all it was. Love you!!


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