Kitties and Puppies and Politics Oh Myyyy!

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Where to start. I do have some awesome news. PUPPY! I am getting a small puppy that will become a small dog. Part Schitzu, part Chihuahua. Her name is Selene. She is named after the goddess of the moon. She is the tiniest of a litter of six and she is adorable! I have some pictures and I will post them. She will be a welcome addition to our family. She will also be my ESA. She comes home to us on May 12th when she is old enough to be away from her momma Luna. Her human carer regularly sends videos and pictures of her to me. We also have been visiting regularly so that Selene can bond with me. We want her to only come to either Bruce or me. I have bought her an enclosed playpen with extra bedding for nighttime until she gets a bit bigger…

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