Mental health should be more of a priority in this country. I know that I have been dealing with mental health issues since I was a small child, yet I know now it was mostly ignored because I was a kid. When I was a freshman in high school getting some kind of help wasContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH”

Something Needs To Change

I have been busy lately with a new puppy, and medical appointments.  Selene is doing well though she has more of the temperament of a chihuahua than the Shihtzu.  Puppy training is hard. Even the trainer said the smaller breeds are harder to train by virtue of their size.  She can be an angel orContinue reading “Something Needs To Change”

Me, the World, and Everything Else

The world or at least this country is fubarred.  Right-winged super legislators have taken over the Supreme Court. They have officially turned women into 2nd class nothings who can’t handle decisions about their own bodies. We are quickly becoming a male-dominated, theocratic autocracy. What else? The EPA has no right to do its job regulatingContinue reading “Me, the World, and Everything Else”